Pet Parenting Tips Around the Holidays

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(NewsUSA) - Pet parenting can be as crazy as it is fun, especially around the holidays. Add the stress of hosting family and friends, and many pet parents end up ignoring Fido or Fluffy in favor of cooking a feast or wrapping last-minute gifts. So, how do you find balance between preparing for the holidays and tending to your pet?

Rose Hamilton -- Chief Marketing Officer at, the ultimate pet-parenting destination -- offers the following tips to keep your pet top of mind during the holiday season.

* Keep Plants and Goodies Out of Reach: Many traditional holiday plants, like poinsettias and mistletoe, can be harmful to your pet's health, so be sure to keep these out of reach. Also, refrain from sharing specific holiday treats with your tail-wagger, particularly fruitcake and sugar-free goods, which contain dog-toxic ingredients.

* Decorate Wisely: Holiday decor can be dangerous for pets, so it's important to take certain precautions when decorating. Place fresh trees in discreet corners, and keep lights, ornaments and tinsel off the lower branches. Deter your pet from electrical cords by spraying the cords with lemon peel or bitter orange tea.

* Mind Your Pet's Manners: Heightened activity at home can affect your pet's behavior, so it's important to prepare. Hosting small gatherings prior to the holiday can help reinforce good manners. If you know your pet won't hold back his excitement, set aside a safe room with a bed, water, toys and some treats where he can stay during your event.

* Get the Right Travel Gear: Crates are useful for all forms of travel, but if flying, be certain to use an airline-approved shipping crate. Take all health records with you, and ensure that your pet is wearing a collar and tag with appropriate contact information.

* Give Back with Gifts: While toys and treats are always welcomed by our furry relatives, consider a comfortable bed or deluxe grooming session to pamper your pet instead. Older pets may especially benefit from a therapeutic bed or massage.

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Pet Parenting Tips Around the Holidays

Keep these tips in mind to make sure you and your pets enjoy the holidays.

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