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Online Media Marketing Case Studies

Read about how NewsUSA provided online media marketing for these clients, and discover the ROI of each media placement campaign.

Industry: Automotive
Objective: To inform the public about important auto safety and maintenance issues
Campaign: A campaign of 4 print features
Placements: 19,456
Ad Value: $8,787,877
Readership: 351,515,124

"AAA Public Relations has been extremely pleased with the online media marketing provided by NewsUSA. Their writers have assisted us in crafting articles that are helpful to consumers, while delivering important messages about AAA's products and services. Placing consumer feature articles with NewsUSA is a crucial element in AAA's overall public relations strategy."

~ Geoff Sundstrom
Manager, Public Relations

Industry: Banking & Finance
Objective: To provide consumers with important information regarding financial matters
Campaign: A 36 feature media campaign
Placements: 15,556
Ad Value: $6,076,626
Readership: 225,616,980

“My department's relationship with NewsUSA goes back almost a decade and over that time period we've been extremely pleased with the quality of the service we've received.  From the company's regional sales representatives to its writers and editors, the News USA team is very skilled, seasoned and professional.  Rather than simply being a vendor executing orders for a client, NewsUSA is a true partner.  They take a consultative approach by advising us throughout the entire mat column creation process, offering sound tips and insights to help ensure we tell our company's story in the most effective way possible.”

Chris Doyle
Vice President of Public Relations

Industry: Associations
Objective: To advance the value of associations to the public
Campaign: A 7 feature media campaign
Placements: 1,224
Ad Value: $736,990
Readership: 29,479,608

“Perhaps the best value of your service is in reaching weekly newspapers, since circulation for weekly papers has nearly doubled in the past decade. Our experience shows these smaller newspapers are frequently read from cover to cover. We’re also pleased with the number of clippings received from several daily newspapers, such as the Houston Post, Buffalo News and Los Angeles Times, to name a few.”

~ Thomas A. Gorski, CAE
Vice President, PRE & Market Research

Industry: Retail
Objective: To make the Hallmark brand visible to consumers
Campaign: A 7 feature media campaign
Placements: 4,476
Ad Value: $1,176,901
Readership: 47,076,056
Feature: Hallmark Hops Aboard 'The Polar Express'

“Hallmark has been a satisfied NewsUSA user for the past couple of years.  We enjoy good service, helpful editorial direction and strong results on our product…”

~Lydia Steinberg
Hallmark Public Relations

Industry: Travel

To provide consumers with useful travel information

Campaign: A 15 feature media campaign
Placements: 9,616
Ad Value: $3,776,491
Readership: 86,529,672

"NewsUSA has been very effective in helping Thrifty Car Rental to get media placements in newspapers and on radio nationally.  They have been particularly helpful in communicating "evergreen" stories like consumer tips or feature stories.  I appreciate their online media marketing services greatly, and will continue to use them."  

~Chris Payne
Manager, Corp. Communications

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