Print Process

Edits and Sign-Off

Sending edits

Developing and finalizing your feature is a collaborative effort. After we send you the initial draft, you review the feature and send us any changes you have. If we feel that any of the changes might hinder pickup, we will be sure to tell you.

You can send your edits in these ways:

  • By fax. This is the preferred method for fastest turnaround. Please mark your changes directly on the draft and fax it back to us at (703) 734-6314.
  • By e-mail. If you are sending edits via e-mail, please send detailed instructions indicating what changes to make, paragraph by paragraph. Please do not send a revised but unmarked Word document. We need to see what changes were made to the original draft.
  • Please do not phone in your edits. NewsUSA needs to retain a hard copy of all changes for editorial records.

How to sign off

When you are ready to approve your feature for publication, please sign off on the final version and fax it to us at (703) 734-6314. We will not publish your feature unless you approve it with your signature. Please do not sign until you are ready to publish the feature as is.

Remember: We must have your sign-off by fax.

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