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Getting Started

Meet the NewsUSA staff

Your NewsUSA Contract Manager
Once your contract comes in, the first person you will meet is Genie Burn, Customer Service and Contract Manager. Her duties are to:
  • Process your contract and contact you to schedule your feature(s);
  • Determine if you have any story ideas — and put you in contact with NewsUSA's editors if you don't;
  • Help schedule your feature and collect your "materials" (information you want us to use to write your feature);
  • Call or e-mail to remind you about each print issue's deadlines;
  • Schedule subsequent features in your contract;
  • Monitor your contract from start to finish and serve as your primary point of contact (along with your sales representative);
  • Put you in touch with your sales representative, if needed.
The Editorial Department
After Genie receives your materials, she will pass them to NewsUSA's editors, who create and/or edit the feature and work with you on finalizing it. The editors will:
  • Give you honest feedback on your ideas;
  • Help you develop your topic and let you know how to time your release for maximum placement;
  • Send a first draft within 5 to 7 business days (see this editorial timeline for NewsUSA features [PDF] for more);
  • Answer questions about AP style and journalism standards;
  • Make recommendations to help maximize pickup;
  • Revise and edit your feature until it meets your approval.

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Planning your features

To plan your features, follow the deadlines on the NewsUSA Print Publicity Planning Calendar (PDF).

NewsUSA's deadlines
NewsUSA print issues are distributed to newspapers twice a month (Issues "A" and "B"). Electronic distribution is made every Tuesday and Thursday, enabling features to be sent out within 72 hours of sign off.

Materials deadlines for electronic distribution are flexible because of our twice-a-week delivery. When you get materials in and sign off quickly once copy is returned, electronic delivery to thousands of newspapers nationwide is only 72 hours away. Print materials deadlines are based on printing and mailing schedules and are tied to specific dates that usually fall on Wednesdays. They apply mainly to time-sensitive features.

Press releases, brochures or drafts in need of editing are examples of appropriate materials. See the Sending Materials section below for details. You will receive a welcome questionnaire from Genie Burn. Please fill it out and send it back along with your materials. Please include all special instructions that you have.

Sign-off deadlines usually occur on Thursdays and are the dates by which features must be given final approval for placement in a specific print issue. their primary importance is for time-sensitive features.

Newspapers typically want features for their special sections about two months in advance. So if your story focuses on a timely topic or event — such as a national awareness month or holiday — NewsUSA should distribute your feature at least two months in advance. For example, if your event falls in November, you should plan to distribute your feature in one of our September issues (9A or 9B). This means your materials should get to us even sooner.

Evergreen features are recommended.
If you are not able to plan this far ahead, we recommend "evergreen" features (features that are not time-sensitive). Many of our evergreen features continue to place in newspapers for years.

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Sending materials

When you are ready to get started on your feature, the first step is to send us your materials. Generally, the more background materials you send, the better. So feel free to send as much as you can. But don't inundate us; pare down your written materials to the essentials before sending them to us. Send materials by:

  • E-mailing them to [email protected]. This is the preferred method.
  • Faxing them to (703) 734-6314
  • FedEx, UPS or similar parcel service to:
    ATTN: Genie Burn, Contract Manager
    2841 Hartland Road
    Suite 301
    Falls Church, VA 22043
Please note: To ensure that we receive your materials in a timely manner, do not send them by regular U.S. mail.

Here are some examples of the types of materials we need:

  • Your ideas!
  • Press releases
  • Written quotes from experts in your company relevant to the topic of your feature
  • Company brochures
  • Media kit
  • Company Web site
  • Product samples
  • Relevant statistics
  • An outline of copy points
  • Consumer tips from experts in your company that are related to your product/service/message
  • Company newsletter
  • Already written matte release (if you prefer to do the writing yourself)

Sending photos

You may send a photo that goes with your feature or request one from our photo library (if available). Remember, adding a photo to a 2-column story is the equivalent of adding about 50 words.

Read "How to Send Your Art" (PDF) for details.

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