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Our Value: Guaranteed Article Placement

Reach millions of consumers across the country at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, with online media marketing services from NewsUSA.

NewsUSA provides GUARANTEED article placement in newspapers, radio stations and social media channels - putting your name, your product and your message in the news. Here is what a NewsUSA client can expect from online media marketing:

  • Reaching an average of 57 million readers through 648 print placements
  • Reaching an average of 63 million listeners through 421 radio media placements
  • Reaching millions of social media users and blog readers through social syndication
  • National publicity for a fraction of traditional advertising costs

A monthly print campaign with NewsUSA averages a cumulative reach of 684,288,000 readers through 7,776 newspaper placements. A monthly radio campaign reaches 757,800,000 listeners thru 5,052 radio stations and 50,520 airplays, which are heard and seen in virtually all of the major markets in the U.S. Millions of consumers will continue to learn about your product or service throughout the year.

With online media marketing you are: Building your brand. Selling your product. Broadcasting your message. Telling your story. Placing you in the news all year long. We GUARANTEE it.

Start planning your campaign today.

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