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What We Do: Radio Media Placement

As part of NewsUSA PR media placement services, your Radio NewsUSA features are developed and distributed for national radio media coverage in much the same way as your print features. Each radio feature is scripted to tell your story to the general public. Your scripts are written by radio professionals for your approval, produced on a CD-ROM and sent out to radio stations nationwide for radio media placement. In addition to the CD-ROM, a script of your feature is distributed so that announcers can “localize” the material.

Each radio feature is GUARANTEED to receive at least 400 placements, potentially exposing your message to hundreds of thousands of listeners.

Hear NewsUSA media coverage samples which you could expect to receive as part of PR media relations from NewsUSA.

Contact NewsUSA to speak to one of our radio media relations advisors and learn more about what a radio campaign can do for you.


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