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Integrate social media into your campaigns properly, and you'll have secured enough coverage to gain a customer or client for life.  Enter clumsily, and you could forever stain your reputation, tripping up even the most strategic initiatives.

Effectively blend social media into your PR initiatives by requesting one of the free social media marketing and PR resources below, each written by one of our social syndication experts:


How NewsUSA Can Help Your Company Soar
Read How NewsUSA Can Help Your Company Soar and learn:  
   • How media placement service NewsUSA works
   • Case studies of popular companies which have benefitted from NewsUSA
   • Success of these specific campaigns’ reaches and returns on investment computer

NewsUSA PR & Marketing Survey Results Infographic
Download the 2011 PR & Marketing Outlook survey results (it's an infographic!) sponsored by NewsUSA today and learn:  
   • Which channel only 44% of marketers view as important
   • Which channel less than 11% of marketers use to communicate
   • Which 3 types of media coverage tied in terms of value computer

3 Ways Media Placements Increase Website Traffic
Read 3 Ways Media Placements Increase Website Traffic to discover the ways online news media placements can benefit your brand, including:  
   • Expanding your online audience
   • Developing more quality backlinks to your site & improving your SEO effectiveness
   • Introducing it to potential consumers who don't know they need you 
   • Encouraging consumers to perceive your brand as reputable 

Puppy Love3 Ways To Catapult Your Story Reach With NewsUSA
Read 3 Ways To Catapult Your Story Reach With NewsUSA and discover the three best practices that drive each piece of copyright free content we create, including:  
   • Transforming concepts into evergreen stories
   • Adhering to both AP & SEO style guidelines
   • Distributing to an unprecedented number of publications and social destinations  

Puppy Love3 Steps To Transform Social Media Love Into PR Results
Read 3 Steps To Transform Social Media Love Into PR Results for three steps to transform social media interaction into PR success, including: 
   • Feature Story Development
   • Content Marketing & Promotion
   • Social Syndication 

Puzzle5 Public Relations and Social Media Considerations for 2011
Read 5 Public Relations and Social Media Considerations for 2011 for five important considerations for a successful media strategy in 2011, including: 
   • The importance of Social Integration
   • Content Will Not Be Dethroned; why content is key to your strategy
   • The Importance Of ROI Will Not Be Synonymous With Ease of Measurement 

Social Media WebinarWebinar: Overcome 3 Social Media Headaches
Watch the webinar on-demand and learn to overcome 3 social media and PR growing pains, including: 
   • Overcoming the burden of content creation
   • Finding and communicating with your target audience online
   • Gaining approval from, and delivering results to, an ROI-driven C-Suite

Numbers5 Reasons Print is Still Relevant
Read 5 Reasons Print is Still Relevant for five reasons to integrate digital and traditional PR, including: 
   • Stories that secure print authority grow legs online
   • Americans' insatiable need for news from multiple channels
   • Digital or print alone secure only a portion of maximum story reach 

WatchMeet social syndication and exceed your PR goals
In less time than your lunch, learn techniques that will help you exceed PR goals, including how to: 
   • Create and promote relevant, informative social content 
   • Penetrate social destinations to make your campaigns effortlessly viral 
   • Reach more than 30 million consumers and journalists near instantaneously 

Download3 Tips For Reaching Bloggers & Building Your Brand
An overwhelming majority of business buyers and reporters leverage an online network consisting of more than 133 million blogs to gather information.  How can you ensure they find yours or your client's message?  Start by requesting these three tips.

Download3 Reasons Social Media Influences Consumer & Media Insights
More than 55% of consumers, business buyers and media representatives congregate on the social web to interact and share content.  This provides an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to connect with and influence customers, provided time is taken to understand the social consumer.  Gain this insight by downloading this white paper.

Download3 Ways to Leverage Social Media To Accomplish PR Goals
When blended into public relations initiatives, social media tactics can help to significantly - and quickly -  increase online visibility and raise brand awareness.  So how can social media be mastered and leveraged most effectively, for either the benefit of your own or your client's PR campaigns? Find out by reading this white paper.

Download5 Ways to Maximize Online Pickups
How can you ensure yours or your client's story is seen by a journalist? By posting it where they are already looking.  A recent study by Cision and George Washington University found that an overwhelming number of journalists tap social channels, from blogs to Twitter, when researching and developing stories.  Discover tips for making your content stand out online by requesting this article.

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